Concrete Grinding

It’s important to use professional services when preparing a concrete floor before a new floor is returned in its place.

Concrete grinding can be difficult and dangerous if not experienced,
and concrete dust can be hazardous to your health

At Total Strip we use the latest technology in dust extraction and grinding machines for a quicker, cleaner, safer job.

We provide concrete grinding services for projects from small household rooms through to large commercial, industrial and retail floors. And we can offer concrete cutting and removal services also.

In our experience we have found that most floors need this extra step of preparation before new flooring is installed. Please note that due to the inconsistency in concrete sub-floors, it is generally very difficult to determine the rate at which a glue or coating may be removed. In some cases 2-3 additional passes may be required, resulting in further charges.

Project objectives: concrete bonds, tile & timber adhesives, epoxies, glues and painted surfaces.

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