1. When putting measurements forward to Total Strip via e-mail or over the phone, Total Strip assumes these measurements are correct and true. If they are deemed incorrect (larger or smaller), Total Strip will invoice for the amended measurements.
  2. Any quotation given by Total Strip is binding for a period of 60 days only from the date stated. Any acceptance of quotations outside these dates may be charged a variation to the original quotation.
  3. Any variation to the schedule of works noted on the quotation, to be performed by Total Strip may be charged at a varied rate depending on –
    • 3a. Type of work to be performed; and
    • 3b. Estimated hourly time to perform the works.
  4. Removal of floor coverings may cause damage to sub floors if that sub floor is of an inadequate quality. Total Strip is not liable for any damages, cost of repair or additional works through inadequate sub floors.
  5. Removing floor coverings close to or against plastered walls may cause minimal damage if that plaster is inadequate in any way.  Total Strip is not liable for any damages, cost of repair or additional works if the plaster is not structurally sound.
  6. During works that Total Strip finds any variation to the quotation
    • 6a. Additional floor surface
    • 6b.  Additional wall surface
    • 6c. Different floor surface
    • 6d. Concrete bonding agents, the client will be liable for the cost of removal of that item.
  7. As Total Strip is NOT a furniture removal company, any action taken by Total Strip to remove items out of the working area may be performed at the client’s cost adding also that Total Strip takes NO responsibility for damages that may occur in the moving process.  This includes, but isn’t limited to, couches, chairs, TVs, stereos, computers, tables, cabinets, pool tables, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and pictures.
  8. Renovating / stripouts can cause a lot of noise and vibration pollution. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have notified all parties that may be affected by this and not Total Strip’s responsibility. In some circumstances, after hours work may be more suitable in commercial/retail situations to ensure no work is suspended due to noise complaints from other retailers.  Total Strip may charge a hourly waiting rate per person, until the time that work can be proceeded.
  9. Total Strip’s equipment uses 240 volt power, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure Total Strip has access to this, the mains power box and fuses at all times.
  10. Renovating / stripouts usually produces substantial amounts of dust. While Total Strip, through the use of dust extraction systems and containment, does all it can, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have adequately prepared for the works.
  11. Any cancellation or rescheduling (either by phone or in writing) of any works due to be performed by Total Strip must be received by Total Strip NO LATER THAN 48 hours before the scheduled start time to ensure no minimum charge or additional fees are payable by the client.
  12. Payments are to be made no later than seven (7) working days after the invoice stated date by cash, cheque, bank cheque or direct deposit to Total Strip. Any late payments after a period of one (1) month will incur a 2.5% increase on the invoiced amount, plus additional administration fees.  Any expenses, costs and/or disbursements incurred by Total Strip in recovering outstanding monies, including debt collecting fees and solicitors’ costs, shall be paid by the client.